About Us

Who We Are

Heritage4Media provides Owners and Managers of PRIVATE historic homes, estates and complexes the same level of support and advice that institutions such as the National Trust and English Heritage provide their buildings when dealing with the creative industries (film, TV, photography & broadcasting).

We are a boutique library of heritage locations, and we have created strong relationships with the historic sites in our membership. We believe that knowing and understanding the architectural details and merits of our sites, the logistics of working within them, and the sentiments of those responsible for them to be at the heart of our business.

We are a small team of architectural and heritage expert with many years of experience in both the heritage and creative sectors. We have also joined partnerships with well known filming professionals who have worked in the filming industry for more than 40 years.

Why We Were Formed

The need for this resource has arisen from years of extensive research looking at the relationship between historic buildings in the UK and their use by the global creative industries. Following the presentation of this material to DCMS in 2013, Heritage4Media was formed to address all of the issues the research exposed for the benefit of all parties concerned.

A New Model for Presenting Historic Buildings to the Creative Industries

From speaking to more than 200 filming professional both here and in the US during those research years, we know that filmmakers want new and exciting historic spaces that are entirely new to filming. Through Heritage4Media these sites have all the support and advice necessary to ensure they are confident to host productions.

We know that production budgets are shrinking and location agency fees are sometimes challenging to Location Departments, therefore, we do not charge a 'finder's fee' to productions, just a small administration fee towards our costs.

There never been a better time for private historic locations to consider filming as an 'alternative source of income' and we are now creating links between our historic buildings and production crews.

Heritage4Media is unique, ground-breaking, exciting, and developing rapidly. For further information, please click the "Memberships" tab above.