Lent Press Release

26th February - Fossil fuels, banks, conflict and non-violence, by the Rev Dr Keith Hebden:
A world has been constructed for us in which there are two forms of violence: noble violence which is state sponsored and savage violence which is not.
We've also been taught that in any conflict there are only two options: fight or flight. With an eye to the role of the state and of church in sponsoring violence, and Jesus’ practical and ethical critique of it, this talk will be an invitation to look differently at how we respond to an unjust world inspired by a better hope.

5th March - Institutions and the Elderly: Does Law Have a Role? by Professor Peter Bartlett:
The Alzheimer’s Society estimates that there are approximately 432,000 elderly and physically disabled people living in care homes and similar accommodation in the UK. Many of these people will be vulnerable, either because of dementia (roughly 66-80% of these residents), social isolation, or other effects of old age or disability. This talk will look at whether law has a role in the protection of these individuals and the regulation of their care, and if so, what it should be.

12th March - Diversity, asylum and human rights,
by Dianne Skerritt and Sara Palacios Arapiles:
This talk will begin by looking at what the terms ‘diversity, asylum and human rights’ really mean. It will show how we can gain a much better understanding of our diverse society and explore how we can all participate and contribute to the richness of diversity. A factual report on human rights will be presented with direct relevance to people seeking sanctuary in the UK and our current agreed responsibilities at an international level.

19th March - Whither Europe? by Rev Christopher Harrison:
After the Second World War, the Churches were among many who sought to build European institutions which would ensure that peace, stability and prosperity would prevail for many years to come. Now, however, this vision is under increasing threat as unemployment and economic stagnation in some countries have reached crisis levels, and nationalist movements have grown increasingly strong. Europe is still, however, seen as a paradise by the many thousands who are fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa, and who will risk everything to settle here. What will the future hold, and what does the Church have to say?

26th March - We believe in one Earth, by Paul Bodenham:
If everyone lived like the average Nottingham resident we would need three planet Earths. We’re seeing the effects in disappearing wildlife and a warming climate. The defining challenge of the 21st century is to enable everyone to flourish in a one-planet lifestyle. Paul will explore how the gospel challenges us to find a new economic purpose – joy in enough for all, within Earth’s limits and in reverence for our own humanity – and what all that could look like in practice.

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Keith Hebden is a parish priest and Seeking Justice deanery adviser in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire where he chairs the Diocesan Greener Churches Group. He teaches and writes on practical theology and spirituality. His latest book, Seeking Justice: The radical compassion of
Jesus (http://www.christian-alternative.com/books/seeking-justice-radicalcompassion-jesus) plots experiments in faith based community organising and direct action. Some of his workshop material and other resources can be found at http://www.compassionistas.net/

Peter Bartlett is Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Professor of Mental Health Law in the School of Law and Institute of Mental Health at the University of Nottingham. In 2013-14, he served as specialist advisor to the House of Lords Post-Legislative Scrutiny Committee on the Mental Capacity Act. He is also a former Church Warden at St Mary’s.

Dianne Skerritt is Diocesan Equality and Diversity Officer and co-ordinator of the Rainbow Project for racial diversity and social justice. She studied at the Universities of Nottingham and Birmingham and has a working background in social work/adoption and fostering. After being Principal Officer for Recruitment and selection and team leader of the employee development team with Nottinghamshire County Council Social Services Department. She was appointed Equality and Diversity officer for the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham in September 2007. As equality and diversity officer Dianne’s remit is to keep up to date with current legislation on equality and diversity issues and the impact it has on churches. Another strand of her job is to work with MEAC (Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns) whose aim it is to raise the profile of BME people in the church and encourage them into leadership positions.

Sara Palacios Arapiles is an Asylum Case Support Worker for the Rainbow Project. She is a member of the Spanish Bar Association, and has undertaken studies on European and British Law at Queens University of Belfast, and also studies on International Public Law at Vrije Universitet, Brussels. Her LLM thesis was a comparative study between the American and European human rights systems regarding the right to asylum. Sara has professional Experience in international human rights at the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), and has been a legal advisor and volunteer in NGOs for assistance to immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

Christopher Harrison is vicar of the parish of All Saints’, St Mary and St Peter. He has worked in parishes in inner London and rural Derbyshire, and was an adviser on world issues for Southwark and Derby dioceses. Before ordination he worked in HM Treasury, following a degree in economics.

Paul Bodenham is chair of the UK-wide movement Green Christian, and founder of the climate change campaign Operation Noah. A Franciscan tertiary, he also leads ongoing formation for his community in the UK and Europe.

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