Membership Categories

Heritage4Media provides Owners and Managers of PRIVATE historic homes, estates and complexes the same level of support and advice that institutions such as the National Trust and English Heritage provide their buildings when dealing with the creative industries (film, TV, photography & broadcasting).

We are a boutique library of heritage locations, and intend to create strong relationships with the historic sites in our membership. We believe that knowing and understanding the architectural details and merits of our sites, the logistics of working within them, and the sentiments of those responsible for them to be at the heart of our business.

Heritage4Media is unique, ground-breaking, exciting, and developing rapidly. We hope you’ll join us. Here are some of the ways you can:

Memberships for Historic Sites


• We will design a ‘Property Page’ for you that will beautifully illustrate your property and/or estate. Within this page will be:
a gallery of unlimited high resolution photography
detailed architectural and production-specific information
detailed information about your filming attributes
topographical information - this information is vital to Location Managers and Unit Managers
you can upload a link to your own website;

• The Heritage4Media will be advocating to location managers on your behalf
• You can contact the team for advice at any time
• You will receive Newsletters by email;
• You will receive H4M Special Reports when available.


This type of subscription is relevant for those sites that need or would like the H4M team to be far more 'hands-on'; effectively, your off-site film resource. Benefits of this type of membership include:

• Full "Standard" subscription as above;
• Heritage4Media will filter all of your enquiries;
• We will visit your site so that we fully understand its architectural footprint, detailing, topography, filming merits;
• If you are considering filming for the first time we will discuss and alleviate any concerns you may have;
• If you are successfully chosen for a project, we will deploy our full professional team to you and Project Manage with as much, or little, intervention as you prefer;
• We will enter into contractual negotiations on your behalf to ensure that we get you the best possible (reasonable) facility rates using contemporary national benchmarks; and
• Post-filming marketing – we have an expert on our team who can contact production companies on your behalf post-broadcast. We know certain companies will never allow this to happen, but most will. You could exhibit video footage, photographic stills, storyboards, props and even costumes to enhance your visitor experience.

We offer substantial discounts to all ecclesiastical centres and registered charities.

For more details please call: 0118 3758242 or 07736 364722.