“ Angeston Grange has been much admired, especially following an article in Country Life and illustrations in various books on the architecture of country houses. However, we would like to share this unique house with a wider audience. ”

Juliet Browne

Architectural History

Angeston Grange is one of the few large cottage ornees (rustic and stylised cottage houses) in the world, and is a picturesque building in a idyllic Cotswold location.

It was extended from a modest cottage to its current form in 1810 and was further enlarged in 1890 when a tower was also added. It is built on a curved floorplan to take advantage of the superb views and sunlight.

Architectural Features

The house is adorned by a series of large and dramatic gables, all of which are different and unique. The walls are limewashed and painted a light ochre according to the recipe used at the Duke of Beaufort’s Badminton estate. The roof is complex following the curved floorplan, and a later tower is located at one end.

Internally the large drawing room has the unusual feature of an internal bow into which the fireplace is set. There is a faux panelled morning room, a large dining room and hall and a staircase hall with a large stone cantilevered staircase which turns through 90 degrees.

The park extends to 14 acres, and includes 4 stables.

Filming Attributes

Angeston Grange is well located for the Bristol studios, being located 25 miles to the north west, and with easy access to the M5 at junction 13 or 14. The nearest station is about 20 minutes away and has direct services to London. The site is very private and yet accessibility is good.

The house directly overlooks a steeply sloping front garden, and its own substantial park. The area surrounding the house is level with a large yard behind and a parking area to one side, capable of accommodating a substantial unit base. Heavy cherry pickers have recently been used to access parts of the house. There are two telephone lines and good internet access. Helicopters can land in the park.

The friendly resident family would be willing to accommodate internal working, night shoots and animals with prior approval.


Special Considerations

  • Accommodate Unit Base
  • Night Shoots
  • Remote Area
  • Weekend Shoots


The house looks out onto a wide valley across its own parkland, which is level and leads down to a minor road. There are mature trees in the gardens and park.

The yard and front parking are tarmacadam. Access is via a sloping drive.

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