“ Brougham, which was once the halfway house between Windsor and Balmoral, is used not only genuine Royalty but also royalty from the silver screen. We cut our teeth on a very young Anthea Turner. We have filmed with Lloyd Grossman, John Craven, Jules Hudson. We've hosted a Channel 4 celebrity chef dinner and we have had several photo shoots for the likes of Jaeger. Currently, we are hoping to be involved with the Great British "Pot Off"!! We are keenly interested in being a location for any type of production. We imagine that Brougham would make a perfect setting for such things as a revival of Robin Hood. ”

Christopher Terry

Architectural History

Brougham Hall received it's license to crenellate in 1307AD. It remained a collection of medieval buildings until they were homogenized, by a Gothik revival architect, called Lewis Nockalls Cottingham, in order to create a Palace fit for the Lord Chancellor of England. This was executed between 1820 and 1843.

Architectural Features

Brougham Hall was built from white carboniferous sandstone to set it apart from all the neighbouring buildings which were built in an indigenous red sandstone.

The majority of the building would pass as being a mediaeval stronghold, like Cardiff Castle, although many of the features actually only date from the early 19th century.

Filming Attributes

There is a tarmac road, the B6262 which leads to the front door of the Hall. Thereafter we have cobbled drives.

There is privacy for well-known actors and, as explained above, we've had quite a few of those. We have a BT Openzone and also landlines. We would like to regard ourselves as being a "helpful incumbent family".

One of the great features of Brougham Hall is, being on top of a hill, it has bright sunlight (when the sun shines) from dawn til dusk. There is plenty of space to spread out green rooms. For example, we have hosted the Globe Theatre for the last five years. Candles and torches are commonplace for many of the events that we stage at Brougham. We are animal friendly and are used to night shoots for things like Most Haunted.

We are able to cope with heavy plant and machinery. For example, the Tate Modern bought a 26ton mobile display.



Brougham is every child's ideal imaginary castle, being a fortified building, in the round, on the top of a hill. It has manicured grass lawns inside and out.

The external roads, leading up to Brougham are tarmac and thereafter they give way to stone and cobble. We have a few acres of woods. There is a small airfield at Carlisle.

There is plenty of space to land a helicopter and we are five minutes drive from the West Coast mainline and 1.5 miles from jct 40 on the M6.

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