“ The whole of the Chavenage Estate is at your disposal. We understand the requirements, both cinematically as well as practically. We even know what a Honey Wagon is! We are open to all suggestions and are very flexible and will help in any way we can. We pride ourselves on being film friendly and understand the implications and the needs of having a TV or film crew on site. Most importantly enjoy it! ”

Caroline Lowsley-Williams, General Manager

Architectural History

Parts of the present-day house date from the late 14th century. In 1564, the estate was purchased by Edward Stephens of Eastington who then instigated a massive project of reconstruction. He demolished the medieval building on the site and added the two wings and the porch to create an Elizabethan-style manor house. Stephens fitted the large windows to the south side of the porch and much of the glass used for the windows came from disused churches and monasteries in the area, following the Dissolution. Galleons broken up in the River Severn provided the old timbers and hundreds of tons of local Cotswold tiles were used. By 1576, construction of the manor house was complete. An Arts and Crafts extension, designed by the architect John Micklethwaite, was added to the rear of the building in 1904.

Architectural Features

The Main Hall has high ceiling, deeply recessed windows and a minstrels’ gallery. It probably dates from the end of the 16th century, as does the panelling. The Fireplace was constructed between 1625–1630.
The walls of the Oak Room are covered in rich 16th-century panelling bearing the date 1627. The Gothic style Fireplace is dated between 1587–1599.
However, perhaps the two rooms which are most historically worthy of note are the Cromwell and Ireton bedrooms. The walls of both rooms are hung with 17th-century Flemish and Mortlake tapestries and contain many other objects of the period.
The Edwardian Ballroom boasts a sprung floor.
There is also a family chapel.


Special Considerations

  • Accommodate Unit Base
  • Animals Allowed
  • Hotworks
  • Night Shoots
  • Remote Area
  • Weekend Shoots


2000 acres of Cotswold countryside, with valleys, woodland, farmland, farm buildings, cottages, stable yard, airstrip, and farm houses.

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