“ This is such a special place. It would be great to be able to share it with others, even if only at a distance. ”

Andrew & Lucy Acland

Architectural History

The Old Grist (‘grist’ is corn that has been separated from chaff and is ready for grinding in a mill, hence the expression ‘grist to the mill’) was built as a mill in 1825. The building also served as a brewery, dairy, bicycle factory and bus depot before becoming a house. The mill house is built into the dam wall so that only the top of its three storeys is above water level. It was extensively re-furbished in the 1990s with the addition of a wooden deck and two wood-framed deckhouses. The house and its two mill lakes with their fringes of mature trees, irises and bullrushes sit at the bottom of a steep sided and semi-wooded valley.

Architectural Features

The two lower floors, consisting of bedrooms and central hall, are substantially as they have been since the house was converted from its industrial uses. In addition to the newly added deckhouses the upper floor, under an M-type roof with clay tiles, has three large open plan rooms with high ceilings, many windows and wooden floors. The lower part of the building, with its enormous attic space, is thought to have been a dye house; the origins of its round tower and glass-tipped roof are unknown. Outside, the dam wall includes two caverns that may have been used for cool storage. The garden falls from the lake level down to car parking areas; a culvert carries water from the lakes to a stream on the valley floor. There are plain outbuildings for storing wood and maintenance equipment, with attractive wooden trellising.

Filming Attributes

The Old Grist is at the end of a private tarmac road with parking. The house has a broadband connection. Night shoots and hot works would not pose a problem given the mill’s relative isolation.


Special Considerations

  • Animals Allowed
  • Hotworks
  • Night Shoots
  • Weekend Shoots


The OId Grist is on the southern edge of the Cotswolds about 15 minutes from the M4 and the M5, just off the B4058 on the outskirts of Wotton-under-Edge. There is virtually no traffic noise as the house is tucked into the valley.

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