“ We really want to make the most beautiful 12th-century building in England known to a wider audience. The Cathedral is perfect in its setting and is a perfect place to film. We can offer so much – a stunning building, a medieval palace, Georgian town and buildings – all rich with history and visual impact. ”

Caroline Jarvis

Architectural History

Southwell Minster boasts a complete, unaltered and monumental Norman Nave built in the 12th century. The central square Tower was the first part of the Cathedral to be completed. During the 13th century, the Quire was added to the east, a masterpiece of Early English Gothic. The world famous Chapter House is decorated in stone with plants, animals and a collection of Green Men. This octagonal space has a magnificent stone Roof, unsupported with a central Column – the first of its kind in England. Adjacent to the Cathedral is a medieval Palace formerly used by the Archbishops of York. It is mentioned in the Doomsday Book and was rebuilt in stone around 1360. The Palace is now largely romantic Ruins, but the Great Chamber of the original building still stands. In the early 20th century, the western elevation of the Palace ruins were used to build accommodation for the Bishops of Southwell in an Arts and Crafts House. Vicars’ Court is late 18th-century square of houses for the clergy, with the Dean’s Residence at the eastern end.

Architectural Features

The West Front of the Cathedral is dominated by two stunning Towers, each capped with a pointed roof. The magnificent Nave is unspoilt, as is the spectacular Crossing, beautiful Quire and Chapter House. The surrounding green country Churchyard is a perfect backdrop to a stunning building. Access is possible to the top of the Norman Tower, with spectacular views over Nottinghamshire. There are two rows of ancient Pews by the south Door. There is a Parvis Room (small chamber for a resident priest) over the north Door, wide corridors on the Triforium level and access to the historic Library of the Cathedral.

Filming Attributes

The Cathedral is sited off the main road. There is an excellent hotel (The Saracens Head) a few yards away. We have a Church Hall with a good Kitchen for production crew catering. The Cathedral Staff and Volunteers are committed to making every venture, and guest or pilgrim, welcome and are delighted to be as flexible and helpful as possible. There is an excellent Electric Supply to a new Lighting scheme. We would allow hot works (after consultation with our insurers), animals are very welcome and we have no objection to night shoots.


Special Considerations

  • Accommodate Unit Base
  • Accommodation for Cast & Crew
  • Animals Allowed
  • Hotworks
  • Night Shoots
  • Weekend Shoots


Southwell is a beautiful Georgian town and the Cathedral is surrounded by huge houses once owned by the Dean and Chapter. The Cathedral itself is surrounded by a green churchyard with many lovely trees. The path to the great west Doors from the street is wide enough for one vehicle. Parking can be provided in Bishop’s Manor next door, as well as in various local car parks. The nearest international airport is East Midlands. Trains from nearby Newark run into Kings Cross and take about 1 hour 15 minutes. The Cathedral owns land that could be suitable for helicopter landings. The main A1 road runs close to Southwell, giving easy access to the north of England and London.

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